A 100 watt solar panel can produce a total amount of energy governed by the amount of direct sunlight it can recieve a day. For example, if a 100 watt solar panel recieved about 8 hours of direct sunlight in a day, then technically, that panel could potentially produce 800 watts of power a day! Now, think about storing that in a battery! You would have more than enough power to do a load of washing! We use washing machine because I think it's a perfect analogy on explaination.

So with the kind of energy system explained above, you could basically run your washing machine for free!


Now, take that knowledge and think about it on a larger scale and very soon you can see the potential on money savings! A few people have gone off the grid completely using such systems, could you imagine the savings?


Here's a simple energy system that is cheap and could power a host of appliances within your household, such as lighting for example. But this same system with inverter included could run a washing machine. But you must understand though, there are a few technicalities you'd need to understand. Firstly, anything that runs off of a motor, such as the washing maching for example, needs to be able to supply the inductive load. For example, the appliance would need about ten times the power that runs it, just to start it!


Resistive loads, such as incandescent lights for example will start from the power it takes to run it. Let take a look at some basic math... If you had a 100 watt inductive load, such as a motor for example, you would need an inverter that has a surge power of about 1000 watts to run it. 1000 watts would be sufficient to start it and then the 100 watts continuous will keep it running.


If you need more information on solar power, then you can find professional advice from the DIY Home Energy guide. This guide will show you the ins and outs of solar power and will even show you step by step how you could build your own solar system from relatively cheap components, which you can then use to power some household appliances.


If you are tired of spending too much time on the internet looking for information that is unavailable, then this guide will put your mind at ease!


The guide is an excellent starting point for anybody wanting to have an in depth understanding on solar power or anyone looking to eventually going completely off the grid. The guide is not cheap for some, but it is worth its weight in gold! A Great asset for Preppers!


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