DIY Solar Panel - Solar Cells Panel Kit

72 Solar cells plus everything you need to tab and join them...

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Here's what's in the package...


I: 72 solar cells rated at a total of 130 watts!

II: Tabbing wires: 80 feet of tabbing wires to connect the solar cells. Cut them into 6 inch sections to solder onto the bus bars on the cells. 

III: Bus wires: 8 feet of bus wires. Use them to connect them between the series and connect the tabbing wires ends to the junction box at the back of the panel. 

IV: Flux: 1 easy-to-use flux pen that dispenses flux onto the bus bar or your tabbing wires without leaving a mess. It's used to aid soldering and bonding of the wires to the cells. A must have item.


V: Diodes: 2 diodes rated at 6 Amp. Schottky style diode


Cell Specifications:

1. Average Power (Watts): 1.8Wp
2. Average Current (Amps): 3.6 Imax
3. Average Voltage (Volts): 0.5 Vmax
4. Thickness 200ìm = 0.2 mm
5. Exact Dimension: 3 1/4 inches x 6 inches, or 78 mm by 156 mm
6. Weight: Just above 6 grams or 0.2 oz.




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