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How To Get MORE Power From

Your Solar Panels...

As energy costs skyrocket and carbon taxes grow like a disease spreading from country to country, the popularity of solar energy continues to rise exponentially to the given factors.

Solar energy for home power use is expensive and even though steps are being taken to try and make solar energy available to all, it seems that the dream of never paying another electric bill is still a long way off for most.

Smaller energy systems seem to be the common take, but this simply is because many families just can’t afford the option of installing large solar energy systems. But there is another option that can increase the power that a solar panel produces in a single day...

So How Do You Increase The Power Output Of Your Current, Or New Solar Panels?

Install a sun tracker unit, so that your solar panel gets the full day’s sunlight. The sun tracker or solar tracker can allow your panels to capture the full day’s sunlight, by following the path of the sun throughout the day. That allows your solar panels, whether built or your current ones, to potentially produce several Kilowatt hours more on a day, which does equate to higher energy savings from your current panels.

The benefits of a solar tracker, cuts down the amount of solar panels needed, to produce the same energy of a system that’s twice the size. This means that, as this technology is incorporated into energy systems, less solar panels are required.  Which can reduce the costs associated with solar energy systems.

Don’t rush out and grab a solar tracker yet!

Solar trackers can range anywhere from  between $2000 to $6000, but there is another way you can incorporate a solar tracker, to your energy system for much lower costs – Did you know you can build your own solar tracker?

A new DIY guide has just entered the green energy scene and it’s taking the internet by storm. Many have asked the question; “how do I increase the power of my solar energy system”?
Well thankfully, that question is now answered; “build your own solar tracker”!


How To Increase The Power Output Of Your Solar Energy system

NEW Videos on how to build a Sun Tracking Device for Solar Panels.

Generate 100% more electricity with your existing solar panels.

Not only do the videos show you how to build your sun tracking device,
they also show you how to do it Super Cheap.

Sun Tracking DIY Video Course:
- Lowest Cost Supplies and Techniques
- Solder the parts on the tracking circuit
- Install DIY Homemade Solar Panels
- Or, Install Retail Purchased Solar Panels
- Wiring, Controller, Batteries and Inverter
- Video Series Makes It Easy To Learn

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