DIY Solar Panel - Passive Components

Tabbed Solar Cells

Tabbed cells makes the building of solar panels faster and easier. Solar cells are fragile and the least handling of those, the less chances of breaking them. Visit store








Untabbed Solar Cells

Untabbed solar cells are cheaper than tabbed ones, but while requiring more handling, they are more prone to breakage. If using these types of cells, then we recommend starting small and then moving onto larger projects when experienced. Visit store








Blocking Diode

If charging batteries, then a blocking diode is needed for your solar panel. Blocking diodes prevent charge from the batteries going back into the solar panel. Having a blocking diode in place, ensures no damage is caused to the solar panel when there's no sun light. Visit store












DIY Solar Panel - Hardware

Terminal Block

Terminal blocks are used for connecting the components of an energy system. Visit store



Junction Box

All solar panel connection reside inside of the junction box. This piece of hardware is usually the final part to go on the panel. Visit store






Solar Tabbing Wire

Tabbing wire is used to join the solar cells together. These wires are usually pre-tinned, making the tabbing procedure easy. Visit store






Solar Bus Wire

Bus wire is similar to the tab wire, but only 3 times wider. The bus wire is used to join the "stringed" solar cells together.

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Flux Pen



PCB board soldering

Electrical repairing










Use for tabbing solar cells or some electronic and electrical connections. Use flux cored solder for better soldering Visit store










Plastic Glue

Plastic glue used for models and gluing solar cells to backing panel. Visit store













Silicon 11 Sealant

GE Silicone GE5000 Clear Silicone II Window & Door Sealant

Seals, weatherproofs and insulates with 50 year durability
For exterior or interior use
Not paintable Visit store













Solar-Tite 384 is better than Sylgard 184 in composition and properties.  It was designed to better match the physical properties of the solar cells.  Solar cells will expand and contract with the changing temperatures and if you use the wrong type of encapsulation, micro-cracks in the solar cells will grow over time. Visit store







DIY Solar System Components

Pure Sine Wave Inverters

Inverter convert the low DC input voltage of a battery, to high AC volts, which can then be used to power domestic appliances.

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Solar Charger Controllers


Solar charger controllers does the task of charging and maintaining charge of deep cycle batteries. A controller ensures longer life of batteries. Visit store











Deep Cycle Batteries


Deep cycle batteries are used to store the solar energy. Deep cycle batteries are designed to be constantly charged and discharged. Car batteries running under the same conditions would not last very long and that's why deep cycle batteries are used for solar power. Visit store